Information Technology in Educational Management (ITEM)

The first international conference of the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) Working Group 3.7 (WG3.7) on information technology in educational management (ITEM) took place in Jerusalem in 1994. Since then, WG3.7 has held a dozen international meetings.
During the conferences, researchers, academics and professionals have discussed and contributed to a better development and understanding of the varied and emerging issues associated with the use of information technology (IT) in educational management. Most of these contributions, generally presented as papers, have been published, eventually becoming an important body of knowledge and experience.

ITEM concerns and perspectives have been considerably enriched by the varied profiles and backgrounds of the participants in these working conferences, to the point of acquiring certain characteristics of their own. ITEM has been analysed and approached from very different perspectives that correspond to diverse academic disciplines, which is one of the underlying reasons for the area’s conceptual richness. More than twenty years of uninterrupted periodic meetings with outstanding academic and practical results reflects that this is an evolving area, which deserves ongoing work with research.