Towards a Collaborative Society through Creative Learning - WCCE 2022 World Conference on Computers in Education 


Selected papers in the Japanese Journal of Information Processing, Volume 32, Special Issue 


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Towards a Collaborative Society
through Creative Learning

Selected Papers

WCCE 2022 World Conference on Computers in Education 

Hiroshima, Japan, 20-24 August 2022, Post conference book

Editors:  Therese Keane, Cathy Lewin, Torsten Brinda, Rosa Bottino (Eds)
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Towards a Collaborative Society
through Creative Learning

WCCE 2022 World Conference on Computers in Education 

Hiroshima, Japan, 20-24 August 2002, Book of Abstracts 

Editors:  Toshinori Saito and Tetsuro Kakeshita

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Zanzibar Declaration

Sustainable Education in a Digital Age of rapidly Emerging Technologies


Johannes Magenheim, Raymond Morel, Javier Osorio,

Don Passey, Christophe Reffay


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Digital Transformation of Education and Learning
Past, Present and Future
IFIP TC 3 Open Conference on Computers in Education, 

OCCE 2021, Tampere, Finland, August 17–20, 2021, Proceedings

Editors:  Don Passey, Denise Leahy, Lawrence Williams,
Jaana Holvikivi, Mikko Ruohonen

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Education and Information Technologies
– the IFIP TC3 Journal


This journal covers the complex relationships between information and communication technologies and education. The journal provides perspectives at all levels, from the micro of specific applications or instances of use in classrooms to macro concerns of national policies and major projects; from classes of five year olds to adults in tertiary institutions; from teachers and administrators, to researchers and designers; from institutions to open, distance and lifelong learning.


Empowering Teaching
for Digital Equity and Agency

IFIP TC 3 Open Conference on Computers in Education, OCCE 2020, Mumbai, India, January 6–8, 2020, Proceedings

Editors: Brinda, Torsten, Passey, Don, Keane, Therese (Eds.) 

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This encyclopedia aims to offer researchers an indication of the breadth and importance of information systems in education, including the way IT is being used, and could be used to enable learning and teaching.
The encyclopedia covers all aspects of the interaction between education and information technologies including IT in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, universities, training colleges, industry training, distance education and further education, teaching and computing, the use of IT in many different subject areas, the use of IT in educational administration, and national policies of IT and education.



Sustainable ICT, Education and Learning

IFIP WG 3.4 International Conference
SUZA 2019 Zanzibar, Tanzania, April 25–27, 2019 Revised Selected Papers
Arthur Tatnall Nicholas Mavengere (Eds.)

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Empowering Learners for Life in the Digital Age

IFIP TC 3 Open Conference on Computers in Education, OCCE 2018, Linz, Austria, June 24–28, 2018, Revised Selected Papers

Don Passey, Rosa Bottino, Cathy Lewin, Eric Sanchez (Eds.)

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Coding, Programming and the Changing Curriculum for Computing in Schools Report of UNESCO/IFIP TC3 Meeting at OCCE – Wednesday 27th of June 2018, Linz, Austria
UNESCO meeting at OCCE 2018 report final
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Tatnall, A., & Webb, M. (2018). Tomorrow's Learning: Involving Everyone. Learning with and about Technologies and Computing: 11th IFIP TC 3 World Conference on Computers in Education, WCCE 2017, Dublin, Ireland, July 3-6, 2017, Revised Selected Papers (Vol. 515): Springer.

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The Dublin Declaration from WCCE 2017
The Dublin Declaration: a distillation of evidence, identifying key aspects of innovation, development, successes, concerns and interests, but also showing where less success has been achieved. Consequently, it offers recommendations for researchers, policy makers, developers and practitioners.
WCCE2017 Dublin declaration final2.pdf
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Stakeholders and Information Technology
in Education

IFIP TC 3 International Conference
SaITE 2016, Guimarães, Portugal, July 5-8, 2016
Revised Selected Papers | Torsten Brinda | Springer

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A New Culture of Learning: Computing
and next Generations

IFIP TC3 Working Conference
Preliminary Proceedings
Andrej Brodnik, Cathy Lewin (Eds)

July 1st - 3 rd, 2015, Vilnius University, Lithuania

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Key Competencies in ICT and Informatics.
Implications and Issues for Educational Professionals and Management

IFIP WG 3.4/3.7 International Conferences,
KCICTP and ITEM 2014, Potsdam, Germany, July 1-4, 2014,
Revised Selected Papers


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All papers are available under the CC-license.