WG3.3 Activities

Year Activity
2010 WORKSHOP IFIP'2010 New Developments in ICT and Education  Amiens, France
2010 Book: Researching IT in Education: Theory, Practice and Future Directions Editors: Anne McDougall, John Murnane, Anthony Jones, Nick Reynolds. Available from Routledge
2009 Symposium Current and Future Issues in Research into ICT in Education at World Conference on Computers in Education, 27-21 July 2009, in Brazil
2009 UNESCO competency standards for teachers (policy)
2006 WG 3.1, 3.3, & 3.5 Joint Conference: Imagining the future for ICT and Education 26th-30th June 2006 in Ålesund, Norway
2005 WCCE’05 – The Stellenbosch Declaration
1997 Human computer interaction and educational tools (working conference) Sozopol, Bulgaria May 27th - 28th