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Dr Amina Charania

Tata Institute of Social Sciences

Integrated Approach to Technology in Education in India: Implementation and Impact





Amina Charania (centre - holding book), Raoson Singh, Uchita Bakshani, Durba Sarkar, Sohini Sen, Vijay Jathore and Nikhat Nasrin 



This book explores the evolution of Integrated approach to Technology in Education (ITE), an initiative of Tata Trusts in India, reaching thousands of young people, especially those living in challenging environments. The book offers an in-depth look into authentic, creative and project-based learning experiences and learning that have been facilitated by using technology in education in different settings mostly rural East India over the last decade. It examines the viability and sustainability of using such a constructive learning approach with technology to address the complex education and professional development needs of children and their teachers and communities.  It also highlights the creative use of inquiry, project-based collaborative learning and distance education technologies during the pandemic in government-run schools. The chapter/commentary authors include many current and newly joined members of TC3, 3.3 Working group leaders and members: Niki Davis, Cathy Lewin, Margaret Leahy, Durba Sarkar and Uchita Bakshani. 



Charania, A. (Ed.). (2022). Integrated Approach to Technology in Education in India: Implementation and Impact. Routledge.


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Published 6 October 2022



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