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The International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) is a worldwide organisation for researchers and professionals working in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). IFIP links currently 48 national societies and academies of science and operates on a non-governmental, non-profit basis.
Activities are coordinated by Technical Committees (TCs). Each TC covers particular aspects of computing and related disciplines, ranging from Computer and Information Systems to Artificial Intelligence.
TC3 covers many aspects of the important field of Education, from technology enhanced learning to computing education. Much of TC3’s work is done in Working Groups. If you are interested in becoming a member see the Working Groups page and contact the chair of your preferred group.



We celebrate the Achievements of IFIP TC3 Members!

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TC3 Welcome

IFIP is a federation of computer societies, so it brings together many people, from different areas of work and with different perspectives - people in industry and in commerce, developers, researchers, practitioners and policy makers. One of the wonderful things about IFIP is that it allows you to gain from that mix of people coming together. For me, the form of networking that comes from our community, the opportunities to become involved with people from those different backgrounds, is of enormous value. That for me has been the real value of IFIP and TC3.
I have undoubtedly gained from the enormous width of experiences offered, from the friendliness and collegiality of colleagues. I hope you will also come enjoy the width and value of their experience and expertise, and take full advantage of it, as I have done over the past years.

Professor Don Passey,  Chair of TC3.

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