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Dr Mary Webb, King’s College London

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Webinars 2021 on the Zanzibar Declaration


A series of webinars focusing on specific topics of concern for the Zanzibar Declaration (see below), are being planned. Topics of the webinars are likely to be:

  • Social Impacts of Big Data Analysis
  • Impact of Computer Networks and Communication
    on the Economic and Ecological Transformations of Society
  • Ethical Issues of Autonomous Systems
  • Power of AI-Methods and Algorithms for Decision-Making

The Zanzibar Declaration
“Sustainable Education in View of rapid Emerging Technologies in the Digital Age.”

The Technical Committee 3 (TC3) on EDUCATION and ICT of IFIP decided on its 2019 annual meeting in April 2019, which took place in Zanzibar, Tanzania), to work on a declaration describing future challenges and proposing approaches to their resolution.
More specifically, the perturbations, changes, and problems observed during the last decades reveal that we are living in a dynamic world with numerous disruptions in many domains.
In education, we can identify modifications in pedagogy, demands from society, emergence of new technologies. Therefore we need to identify what requirements will arise in the future in different areas of ICT and education, and what strategies will be appropriate for research, development, and practice?
What kind of information and knowledge do politicians, stakeholder researchers, and practitioners need to base their decisions and work on?
To be able to consider as many local contexts and experiences as possible as many IFIP experts and practitioners as possible will be given the opportunity to contribute their ideas to the Zanzibar Declaration initially through a series of webinars.

More information on the webinars
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