Professional and Vocational Education in ICT


  • WG3.4 is focused on professional and vocational education in ICT – education leading towards careers or professional development in some form of computing, rather than on specific teaching of informatics or use of computers in different subject areas in primary and junior secondary schools.
  • Our goal is to promote the acquisition and updating of appropriate ICT knowledge and expertise by all whose working environment requires contact with computer-based systems.
  • To consider the nature, content and method of delivery of professional and vocational education within the ICT sector, which will enable learners to achieve their employment expectations.
  • To promote the effective use of ICT as a medium for the delivery of professional and vocational education.
  • To foster life-long learning in ICT-related areas.
  • To examine the activities of ICT professional bodies concerning the professional development and certification of their members.


  • The integration of ICT knowledge and practice with other vocational and professional education.
  • The provision of initial and on-going IT training and education for non-ICT professionals to enable them to use and contribute to the development of ICT systems.
  • The use of computer–based training methods in the delivery of professional and vocational education.
  • The on-going professional development and life-long learning of ICT practitioners.
  • The membership of WG3.4 comprises academics (Computer Science, Information Systems, etc.) ICT Trainers and ICT Practitioners.
  • Members’ interests include the use of computer-mediated education, the on-going professional education of both ICT and non-ICT professionals, the activities of national ICT professional bodies, the delivery of effective ICT vocational education to post-secondary learners and the integration of ICT into other tertiary curricula.