Working Group 3.3 was the idea of a Hungarian, Gyozo Kovacs, who organised a conference in Budapest, Hungary, in October, 1986. This was the first Teleteaching conference and possibly the first use of the word teleteaching, a word which still arouses mixed feelings. The proceedings of that conference were published by Elsevier North-Holland [1] and are an interesting reflection on work at that time.


A notable absence is any reference to the use of conferencing systems, something which we now see as an important way of enabling teaching at a distance.


In 1988 at the European Conference on Computers in Education held in Lausanne, Switzerland, the Working Group held a panel session on distance learning [2]. The Working Group was still mainly concerned with the use of distance learning in higher education, but at the next major event, the IFIP World Conference on Computers in Education which took place in Sydney, Australia, in 1990, the Working Group broadened its interests to encompass distance learning at other educational levels. The Working Group organised a mini-conference in Sydney as part of the World Conference and called it Teleteaching ‘90 [3]. This mini-conference was a joint conference with Working Group 3.1 and the association with that group flourished sufficiently for the major IFIP TC 3 conference of 1993 to be organised again jointly. Teleteaching ‘93 was held in Trondheim, Norway [4].


The next Working Conference was a joint venture with Working Group 3.3. The theme of the conference was «ISDN in Distance Education». This joint Working Conference took place in Le Mans, France in October, 1994 [5].


The Conference in 1995 was part of the IFIP World Conference "WCCE'95 [5] and was held in July 1995 at Birmingham, UK [6].


Teleteaching 96 was part of the 14th world computer congress, Canberra, Australia, September 1996.

On the same time a working conference was held in Vienna, Austria. Theme: Collaborative learning and working in a telematics environment.


In February 1996 a workshop was held in Dillingen, Bavaria, Germany Theme: The use of multimedia in education


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